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Avoid using products containing silicon such as air fresheners, water repellant coating for car body and glass and deodorisers on interior components of your vehicle. The reason for this is silicon will bond to electrical components and create issues. Examples of this are door and or window switches may become inoperable, production of abnormal noise from air conditioner motor or loss of operation, shift lever may not be able to move from “P” position and other electrical components may be affected. The accumulation of silicon-containing gas and oxygen binds to electrical components and when a switch or motor is operated a spark is produced resulting in poor continuity in the electrical circuitry or parts becoming unfunctional. Check the labels on cleaning products for your vehicle’s interior to ensure they do not contain silicon before purchasing and using them. Interior electrical parts can be quite cumbersome and expensive to repair, so use an abundance of caution when cleaning your car.

By: Taj Stewart

Source: Mitsubishi Motors
Image: Pixabay

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