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Nowadays a common “problem” reported by vehicle owners is squealing noises from their brakes.  The two main reasons for brake noise are vibration and moisture. In the past, brake pad materials were made of asbestos which were excellent for noise reduction, but posed serious hazardous environmental and health conditions leading to reduction of its use. When the pad lining friction material and brake disc which is made of metal come into contact with each other they tend vibrate at a particulate frequency producing noise. Speed and brake pressure will change the volume of the sound which is why you will typically hear squeaking at low speeds and low brake pressure and not at high speed and heavy braking. Moisture accumulation on the brake discs creates a film on them after the vehicle has been stationary for some time or if it has been washed. When the brakes are applied the friction material on the brake pads come into contact with the moisture on the brake discs and this in turn produces squeaking and swishing noises until the moisture has been evaporated from heat caused by the friction between the brake pads and discs.  Brake pads supplied by the vehicle manufacturer generally make less noise than those supplied by aftermarket auto parts makers. This is because the manufacturer would have subjected their vehicles to vigorous testing of the brakes on their vehicles to ensure their customers are satisfied with their purchase. There are ways to alleviate the noise such as sanding the friction material on the brake pads, or using brake shims made of different materials. If the squealing is continuous it probably means the wear indicators are signalling the brakes need to be replaced, so you should call us to have it checked. The brakes will squeal under the right conditions, but the noise should not be audible any longer after having applied them a few times. So if it is the brake materials that are causing the noise have no fear. The brakes on your vehicle are operating just fine. The brakes might squeal at first use, but continue driving as normal. The noise should be gone after some time.

By: Taj Stewart


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