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The warning lamp pictured here in your Mitsubishi is linked to the traction control system. Whenever this lamp is illuminated on your display it is an indication one of the wheels is turning faster than it should at a given speed. The engine computer then reduces engine power and applies the brake to the wheel that is slipping to slow it down and regain full traction. This warning indicator can be triggered when manoeuvring speed bumps, driving on gravel or sand, or through puddles of water, etc. If you notice this warning lamp there is not a need to do anything other than maybe easing of the throttle a bit if you are travelling in a straight line. This warning when displayed does not require a service visit unless it is on constantly. If that is the case restart the vehicle and check if it remains on. In case it is, call us to solve what is causing this issue.

By: Taj Stewart

*Disclaimer: This is not advice to replace sound driving practices. Always drive within your limits and abilities and continue to educate yourself about safe driving in varying road conditions.



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