2400cc Petrol Engine mated to a 6 speed CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with Sport Mode
Automatic Wipers and LED Headlights
Push to Start / Stop Engine Switch
Keyless Entry System with Immobilizer
Rear DVD Player with Wireless Infrared Headphones
Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel and Transmission Shift Knob
On Steering Wheel Stereo and Phone Controls
Touch Screen Display
USB Port
Power Folding Mirrors with Turn Signal
Multi-Mode Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Electronic Selector Switch
Traction Control (TCL)
Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
Rear View Camera
Retail Price: $140,000.00
Price with 50% Concession: $120,000.00
Price with 100% Concession: $100,000.00
*All prices VAT included

*Equipment varies according to market. Please contact the dealer for information. 

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